Barista hand pouring the best coffee in San Diego

A Nod to European Cafes

Hanna’s was born from a deep love and appreciation for European cafe culture.

At its heart, Hanna’s is a place to gather and connect with friends, family, and community over a cup of coffee and a croissant, or a perfectly creamy gelato.

Today, Hanna's takes a more modern approach, infusing a youthful and innovative spirit into the classics.

Fresh, small batch, creamy Italian style mango gelato

Small Batch Quality

At Hanna’s, it’s our mission to source high quality ingredients and work in small batches to deliver fresh and flavorful menu items.

Our menu is diverse, delivering classic European favorites that include rich Lavazza coffee paired with a classic croissant, to more innovative offerings such as our rolled croissants.

True to our home and heart, expect to see infusions of Middle Eastern flavors including cardamom, rose water, and pistachio.