4 Reasons To Use Hanna's Creamery For Your Corporate Catering Events

Whether you're looking to strengthen relationships with employees or make a memorable first impression with a prospective client, corporate catering events can be a valuable addition to your company list of perks and services.

Here are 4 benefits to catering your corporate events with Hanna’s Creamery.

boxing cookies for delivery

1. Improve Company Morale 

Providing a thank-you catering event can be a simple, efficient, and inexpensive way to show your appreciation for the hard work your employees do on a daily basis. 

Perhaps you want to celebrate finishing a large project, an increase in sales revenue, or simply acknowledge the solid work your employees have been doing in recent months.

Catered events show you value your employees and can be one factor that sets your workplace apart from other workplaces when prospective employees choose whether or not to apply. 

Improved employee morale often leads to increased productivity and company loyalty while reducing turnover and conflict among employees. 

2. Make a Great First Impression

Using Hanna's Creamery for catered events shows new clients and potential leads you go the extra mile by creating a welcoming environment and professional first impression. 

Whether you're catering a real estate open house, a nonprofit fundraiser, or other small business events and meetings, using catering from Hanna's Creamery will help set your company apart. We provide creative, simple choices for ice cream and sweets.  

Not only is Hanna's Creamery a simple and convenient way to cater, but our service frees you up to focus on the important parts of running an event or meeting.

Hanna’s will also create custom packaging to best fit your brand and business. We can add your logo to our cups, product wrappings, and boxes.

3. Set your Company Apart

Catering your event through Hanna's Creamery will help you set your company apart and demonstrate your creativity with a unique crowd-pleaser like ice cream instead of sticking with the overdone Starbucks coffee carafe and bulk donut order. 

Ice cream is an all-time favorite and calls back to the nostalgic days of childhood when your biggest worry was a dropped ice cream cone on the hot summer sidewalk. 

Use Hanna's ice cream catering to help clients and employees develop those same happy feelings about your company. 

We also have cookies, brownies, and pastries, which, when paired with our ice cream and our Lavazza coffee, makes for a wonderful treat.

boxed cravory cookies with coffee

4. Hanna's is Simple, Inexpensive, and Convenient 

Hanna's catering items come individually wrapped, making them a clean, safe option for corporate or small business events. 

Hanna's takes orders by phone or through our website, and catering is fulfilled by our partners at ezCater, allowing for a simple, quick, and convenient checkout process. 

Order Hanna’s catering for your business!

You can also rest assured knowing that Hanna's takes care of delivery, so you don't have to worry about time or other expenses such as gas, insurance, mileage, and lost productivity while you or another employee pick up the order. 

For added convenience and savings, sign up for Hanna's subscription service to cater regularly scheduled meetings such as weekly or monthly planning meetings.

For smaller orders, we also provide delivery through Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub. Take our sweets home; find a nearby driver!