Hanna’s Creamery & Café, a widely popular café situated in UTC mall is all about to open its online store for the customers. This will be the first initiative from the café to bring up their handmade food items online for the customers. The new online site will be open for the customers all over UTC. It has been found from the café that they will start with ice cream, coffee and fresh cookies for the beginning. Besides the online store, the café will also function as a normal café as it used to be. The café is open throughout the day for dine-in, drive-thru and take-out options as well.

With a focus on providing customers with special handmade food items, Hanna’s Creamery & Café is very much popular among the teenagers who just love simple food. Hanna’s Café specializes in preparing their food servings with quality ingredients that help in enhancing the taste a lot. You can smell the sweet and warm smell of fresh cookie right out of the oven that will melt in your mouth. You can also combine your ice cream with cookies when ordering online from Hanna’s Creamery & Café.